[Zope] Python Scripts

Chris McDonough chrism@zope.com
Sun, 28 Jul 2002 00:35:14 -0400

There's a method named "read" on PythonScript objects.  It returns the
source of the Python Script including the "##" header lines.  It's
available to users who have a role that includes the "View management
screens" permissions.  Note also that the constructor for a Python
Script (manage_addPythonScript) takes an argument "REQUEST".  The
constructor looks for the "file" variable in REQUEST for the text to
the new script.

So let's say you want to add a parameter to the "new" Python Script.
If you create a Python Script with a proxy role of "Manager" that
includes the following, any user who runs it will create a new script
named 'new_script' with the text of 'old_script' with a new (fixed)
parameter added to the parameter list:

old_text = context.old_script.read()
new_lines = old_text.split('\n')
new_lines = []
for line in lines:
   if line.startswith('##') and line.find('parameters=') != -1:
       # this tacks foo=1 on to the parameter list
       line = '%s,%s' % (line, 'foo=1')
new_text = '\n'.join(new_lines)
request = context.REQUEST
request.set('file', new_text)
context.manage_addPythonScript('new_script', REQUEST)
# defeat the redirect caused by using manage_addPythonScript
request.RESPONSE.setHeader('Location', '')

Slice and dice as required. ;-)


- C

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> In answer to my query,"Chris McDonough" <chrism@zope.com> wrote:
> > This works:
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> >
> > ')
> and indeed it does.  But there's another problem--I'm copying a
Python script
> and that requires special magic -- the source script needs to be
> and the destination constructed.  I don't see a neat way to do that
with te
> API.  Any hints?
> -dra