[Zope] How to include a parameter with ZTUtils?

zope zope@stylusinc.net
Mon, 29 Jul 2002 16:53:04 +0530

Hi All

I have been able to get a solution for my earlier queries.I am new to the
group and many of my queries may seem to not be big .But still many of the
members have taken time and helped me out. I am very thankful.
There is another problem i am stuck with again involving ZTUtils
<table tal:define="results  list_clients;
                    start request/start|python:0;
                    batch python:modules['ZTUtils'].Batch(results,
<div tal:repeat="result batch" >
<td><a href="zpt" tal:attributes="href
I want to call a page template called --zpt_delclient-- and pass the value
of ID to the page using --result/id--.But i am getting  an error saying:
Compilation failed
TAL.TALDefs.TALError: Invalid variable name "zpt_delclient?result"

How can I call a page template or may be a python script and pass a value
like id which is a part of the result set batch
and after the value comes to the page template zpt_delclient ,HOw can i get
the value  of ID to send it or display it?

I had asked in my earlier mail if there is any better way to get a recordset
loop through it and print the values or obtain the values
IS there some way that I can access the record set without using ZTUtils?
and hence make it easier to call another PYTHON Script or page template and
pass a value also?
PLease reply and let me know
John Kunchandy