[Zope] confirmation or redirect

John Whalley J.H.Whalley@mmu.ac.uk
Mon, 29 Jul 2002 16:24:38 +0100

Max M <maxm@mxm.dk> 29/07/02 15:08:53 >>>

>Bo M. Maryniuck wrote:
>>Umm... No. Why you should use this "JavaScript masturbation"? (sorry,
>>phrase is taken from ESR essays :) -- no offence. To make yet another
>>lynx-incompatible site which is *REQUIRED* JavaScript turned on?
>Bahh ... technology purists ...

Accessibility purists, actually. For example blind people using Lynx
with a screen reader or another "alternative" user agent...

>The web is about looks and interaction as much as it is about the 
>"hypertext ideal." Practically nobody wants to use Lynx.
>Get over it ;-)

Try that one on the judge if you get sued under the UK's Disability
Discrimination Act and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Act,
or the US equivalent legislation.

To get back OT (-ish): Zope's potentially well suited to providing
mutiple versions of content to suit different user agents, should you
want to go down that route to accessibility.

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