[Zope] RE: Online donation and Zope

Breuer, Yvon YBreuer@tee.toshiba.de
Tue, 30 Jul 2002 19:24:37 +0200

> Yvon,
> I am working for a startup fundation. We want to
> design a online donation page. We use Zope as our
> webserver right now.=20
> * We want to have online donations.
> Do you have such experience that can share with us?
> Many thanks
> Yan zhang

I'd like to help, but...
Untill now I don't know how to do that. Simply, because=20
I'm not far enough in the development of my website.
To begin with I'd better learn Zope a little bit better. :-)=20
Before starting with these kind of advanced features for the site.

But, I've heard about PayPal! (See: http://www.paypal.com)
It can be used for online payments, so for donations too.
This is what I was thinking of for my site.

I haven't searched into this more deeply, because I didn't need=20
it immediately. But (again), since you are interested too (and seem=20
to need this information now) I'll post some questions to the list:

1. Does anybody have experience with PayPal?
   If so: Was it any good? Why or why not?
2. Do credit card companies have a standard module or program to=20
   have online payments on your website?
3. Is there a way to let people fill out a online 'authorization form'?
   I don't know the correct term for this in English. What I mean is=20
   that someone gives you the right to let you withdraw a certain amount =

   from his/her bankaccount. This might be only once or regularly (say=20
   once a month) depending on what this person filled out on that=20
   'authorization form'.
4. It there a *** preferred ;-) *** product available for Zope?
5. Any other (better) ideas/experiences for online payments?

Best regards,

Yvon Breuer