[Zope] installing zope on ISPs server - in root dir, they say...

David Walker dw@pzaz.net
Tue, 30 Jul 2002 17:53:04 -0700

Hello again -

One of the support people at my ISP instructed me to install the linux
version of Zope in my root directory on their server. While The Zope Book
advises to install in the Zope directory.  My guess is that the ISP is new
to Zope.  Any suggestions??

I FTPd    Zope-2.5.1-linux2-x86.gz   to my root directory on my ISPs server.
I untarred it and now there is a  Zope-2.5.1-linux2-x86  directory with all
the appropriate files and sub-directories in my root directory.