[Zope] Trailing spaces in ids?

Howard Hansen zope@halfmagic.com
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 12:12:29 -0700

Since Zope doesn't allow spaces in object ids (a good thing), how come when
I paste an object id into the interface, it allows a trailing space and
incorporates it into the object's id?

I've inserted DTML Documents, CMF Sites, MailHosts, RDF Summaries -- all
manner of objects with spaces at the end and Zope accepts them just fine.
Try it yourself!  It gives interesting errors when you try to view those
objects, but they do exist.

Shouldn't the ZODB raise an error when _setObject gets called?  If that's a
hard change, then at least have the ZMI not strip the space off when
building the list of objects in a folder.  This is tough enough to debug
without Zope conspiring against me!

Thanks for your time.

Howard Hansen