[Zope] ZOPE & SSL

Paul Browning paul.browning@bristol.ac.uk
Sat, 01 Jun 2002 06:27:26 +0100

--On 31 May 2002 12:21 -0400 Jim Harrison <jhrsn@pitt.edu> wrote:

> Fair enough--but for low volume intranet-like sites, Zope with built-in
> SSL is very convenient, easy to manage, and has decent performance.
> Richard Jones has produced a pre-compiled Zope 2.43 with SSL and WebDAV
> SSL for MacOSX that really makes things easy (and includes his attractive
> GUI Zope controller):
> http://www.zope.org/Members/richard/zope_for_osx/
> Granted I haven't looked hard, but I have not found a straightforward
> description of how to do the SSL build. I'd like to put together a package
> similar to Richard's for Zope 2.51


Just to say "yes please".

I think it would be good for Zope to be able to say "secure out of the box".

Whilst recognising that Apache + Zope will continue to be the preferred
route for many, I think it's an extra bit of complexity that the newcomer
to Zope can do without.

FWIW links to the only recipes for standalone Zope + SSL known to me
can be found via <http://www.zope.org/Members/glpb/dwhowto>. As I recall
I never quite figured how make the WebDAV port secure using that
advice so it would be great if you could straighten things out for me.


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