[Zope] File objects

mediaweb@linfe.it mediaweb@linfe.it
Sat, 1 Jun 2002 10:55:32 +0200

>From Dirk Datzert, Sat Jun 01, at 10:47:
 .sure that you have to used a dtml-method (not a dtml-document)?

Yes, it is a dtml method
If i replace 'File' with 'Folder' in my code, i properly get the list of folders 

 .sure that you have to dtml-method in the same folder ?

i am not sure about what you mean 

 .sure that you have meta_types = 'File' (not 'ExtFile' or 'EasyFile') in
 .your folder ?

i added a 'File' from the ADD pull down, just to make me sure; that file
is not displayed even 

Is there a code to list all the objects contained in a folder?

thank you