[Zope] File objects

mediaweb@linfe.it mediaweb@linfe.it
Sat, 1 Jun 2002 17:28:58 +0200

>From Web application Wizards, Sat Jun 01, at 14:58:
 .>From Dirk Datzert, Sat Jun 01, at 14:59:
 . .> Should i conclude that objects created by ADD->File sequence are not File objects?
 . .I think so. You use the term 'File sequence'. Do you mean an object of
 . .type 'file' or an
 . .object of type 'file sequence' which I don't know ?
 .sorry, i meant File object, created through a 'ADD, File' sequence of operations

I am wondering which type of object is 'File'

Could you please improve yor code:

   def objectValues(self, spec=None):
       # Returns a list of actual subobjects of the current object.
       # If 'spec' is specified, returns only objects whose meta_type
       # match 'spec'.
       return map(self._getOb, self.objectIds(spec))

so as to print out for each item its relevant object type?

thank you