[Zope] copy and paste from pgSQL

Marcus J. Ertl Marcus J. Ertl" <marcus.ertl@larp-welt.de
Mon, 03 Jun 2002 00:27:58 +0200


I have a database of categorized links in pgSQL. And I have programmed
a folderish produkt, witch shows all links from a special category. Now
I can add into this folders other folders of the same type, and can
build a tree of categories! Adding some dtml into this folders adds
category-specific headers and footers! Very fine!

I have to written a management-view of all links in the special
category. And now starts the problem. I want to copy and move the links
into other categories by buttons similiar to the normal zope copy, cut
and paste buttons, using the same clipboard.

If you try to paste such links into another folder of the same type,
all should work normal, if you paste it into a normal folder, an error
should arise!

How may I do this? I don't want to create my own clipboard, but I also
can't use OFS.CopySupport as parent of my product, because the links
aren't stored in zope-db, but CopySupport stores the physical path into
the clipboard!


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