[Zope] Calling object from ZPT

Nico de Boer nico@nfg.nl
03 Jun 2002 14:01:04 +0200

Hi all,

For my Newsproduct I want to call a navigation menu. For my websites I
allways use NFGNav, so I want to call NFGNav from my Zope Page

This is the layout of the site:

0       1       2

Root -  nfgnav
        News -  ZPT

So my ZPT is used for the rendering of the parents News object (level
1) and the child news objects (level 2).

I used to call nfgnav from dtml like this:

<dtml-var "nfgnav.TreeMenu(PARENTS,REQUEST,initlevel=2,Meta_Types='News',sort='navsort')">

So I want to call nfgnav a level higher then the ZPT.

Can somebody help me with this problem?

Greetz Nico