[Zope] exUserFolder, ZODB & MySQL

Jorge O. Martinez jmartinez@eMediaMillWorks.com
Mon, 03 Jun 2002 12:15:45 -0400


I need some very basic authentication (to enable users to post to a ZUBB for 
example), and I want to use XUF + ZODB as it is the simplest setup.

However, reading the docs, they seem to suggest that using XUF + ZODB is not a 
good idea. I wonder why, is it not secure, fast, or stable enough? The authors 
seem to stress that using the XUF + ZODB is recommended for testing only. I do 
not intend to save much users info, just the basics: name, email, etc. Less 
than 10 properties altogher. Nor do I expect to have 100,000+ users ;-). 
Perhaps < 10,000. Has any zopista outthere successfully used XUF+ZODB for 
authentication in a production enviroment?

On a similar issue, has anybody used XUF + Mysql? There's a pgSQL schema, but 
for some reason there's not Mysql, anybody knows why? I don't have pgSQL 
available, only Mysql (3.23.38), and would rather use it if there's no issues 
with that.


Jorge M.

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