[Zope] Subclassing Folder

Chris McDonough chrism@zope.com
Mon, 03 Jun 2002 18:09:41 -0400

> That's what I started out to use on a couple of projects but I had 
> several people on this list warn me that ZClasses are not very robust, 
> are quite difficult to use and perhaps even buggy. I was warned not to 
> use them except for fairly toy-sized apps. Was that too harsh a judgement?

They're fine for things like this, I think.  I would personally use a 
Python product, but that is a decision based on my own purely subjective 
point of view.

> Perhaps it's just that my expectations of Zope were too grandiose. And 
> now I've spent so much time trying to master it that I hate to start 
> learning something else. But as helpful as this list can be, sometimes I 
> think maybe I'm just in over my head.

Rome wasn't built in a day. ;-)  All I can do is encourage you to stick 
it out.  I think you should probably describe your actual nuts-and-bolts 
problems a little better to the list so folks can help.  It's difficult 
to provide any constructive feedback on the problems as you've explained 
them so far.


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