[Zope] Subclassing Folder

Max M maxm@mxm.dk
Tue, 04 Jun 2002 09:46:54 +0200

Dan Shafer wrote:

> Is this product a Python product? Did you create it using your 
> easyProduct technology?

This is a Python product made with easyProduct.

When you create a Python product you need to subclass some classes (this 
approach is called mixins) that gives you the behaviour you want. All I 
have done is to pre-assemble the most commonly used classes in a single 
class. So EasyProduct only does what you would have to do yourself.

There is nothing hard or magical about it, and it doesn't use anything 
esoteric to get stuff done. It's just more convenient. So a product that 
subclasses easyProduct is as plain a product as any you would write 

It's just makes it easier to get started. Probably when you have 
finished, your product you have overwritten the default methods provided 
by easyProduct and you could just have written the product from scratch. 
So the goal will probably be the same, but the road there is easier and 
more gradual.

> I got some good advice from Tim who said that it looks harder to 
> create Python products than it actually is. He suggested I look at 
> BTreeFolder and CookieCrumbler code for some more learning as well.

Yeah ... well in my experience you only learn something if you build 
something for yourself that you want to use :-/

> Thank you for your great help!

You are welcome!

regards Max M