[Zope] dtml-if and dtml-else with ZPT

John Schinnerer johnschinnerer@yahoo.com
Tue, 4 Jun 2002 13:56:39 -0700 (PDT)


> > I want to create a condition in ZPT. This is the condition in DTML:
> >
> > <dtml-in "PARENTS[0].objectValues('News')">
> > <dtml-if "_.sequence-item.id != PARENTS[0].id">
> >   <a href="<dtml-var absolute_url"><dtml-var menu></a><br />
> > <dtml-else>
> >  <dtml-var menu>
> > </dtml-if>
> >
> there is no *else* in TAL/TALES (ok, there is _.test() ),
> see
> http://www.zope.org/Members/peterbe/DTML2ZPT/#example2

...so 'else' or 'elif' is done with multiple condition statements, only
one of which will be true.  A snippet from my menu macros (seems like
same thing you're trying to do - show link or not, depending on

<p tal:condition="python:request.PARENTS[0].id!='designserv'">
<a href="/designserv/designserv.html">Design Services</a></p>
<p tal:condition="python:request.PARENTS[0].id=='designserv'">
<span class="boldrightnavtxt">Design Services</span>

If there's a slicker way to do this sort of thing in ZPT I'd be happy
to hear about it, but peterbe's example seems to show the same

John S.

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