[Zope] Re: Subclassinng Folder

Dan Shafer pydan@danshafer.com
Tue, 04 Jun 2002 16:26:52 -0700

At 05:11 PM 6/4/2002 -0400, wade@lightlink.com wrote:

>Hang in there, Dan.
>Regarding ZClasses -- I did a moderately big project (email newsletters) 
>in Zclasses, and now I'm rewriting it as a Product. Wish I had just done a 
>Product from the beginning. A fairly strong case against ZClasses
>was made on this list last week, in the posting "ZClasses Must Die".

I just read that. Chris has been vocal and a major influence in my decision 
to learn how to do Python products and use Python classes exclusively. But, 
boy, the learning curve looks fairly steep.  I'm starting with FreePM to 
see if I can get something simple working and I'm just about to go see if 
my local bookstore has Zope Bible.