[Zope] Re: Is Zope 3 for Programmers only - Learning Python

Jan Smith jan@curpheymedia.com
Wed, 5 Jun 2002 13:03:21 +1000

Stuart Bishop wrote:

> If you find that the DTML you used to write cannot be implemented
> in ZPT, you know enough about programming to go through the
> Python tutorial in a day or two and be much more productive.
> The time spent will more than pay itself off. *Don't* go and
> buy a Python book, as most of the stuff mentioned will be
> utterly useless to you unless you are writing Python products.
> And don't think you have to learn the Library Reference for
> the same reasons. I feel that Guido's tutorial is the quickest
> and best way of getting up to speed.

I don't think my grasp of DTML is all that great I just do things by trial
and error until they work.  I worked through several chapters of Alan
Gauld's 'Learn to Program Using Python' with my 15 year old son until we
both got stuck.  Thanks for the suggestion about Guido's tutorial we will
try that and see how we go.

Many people on this list have said that DTML is not about to go away.  I
realise this but I have only a limited amount of free time to learn new
things and would much rather put effort into something that gives a long
term benefit so thanks for the suggestion.

Jan Smith
webmster OzZope - Australia