[Zope] Looking for info...

Matt Standish mps@bloomington.in.us
05 Jun 2002 15:08:27 -0500

> - most people seem to be using Zope for content management sites, as distinct 
> from e.g. e-commerce, app hosting.  To me, Zope looks like it should be 
> particularly good for app hosting as it has version control, user-level 
> security and state management out of the box, but I can't recall reading a 
> message from anyone using it for that

I have 2 application servers running.  One is a help desk system.  It
logs calls keeps tracks of POC's etc.  

The other is still in development and will be finished soon.  Is is a
software development system.  It keeps track of engineer task tracking,
Software problem reports, Customer Support, Matics, meeting Minutes, and
a bunch of other stuff. It is geared toward SEI level 5 standard.

They are both done using DTML, a little python, MySQL and Squishdot
usually makes it into the mix somehow.  If there is any information I
can give you on my experience please let me know.