[Zope] ImplicitAcquirerWrapper

Antwan Reijnen antwan@dexus.nl
Thu, 06 Jun 2002 11:08:12 +0200

Hi all,

I encountered a problem when trying to generate thumbnails from large images. My code is based on a chunk from zopelabs:

def makeThumbnail(self, imagename, width, height):

   # get the original large image
   oriImage = getattr(self, imagename)
   # convert it to a file  
   oriFile = cStringIO.StringIO(oriImage.data)
   ... etcetera

It seems that oriImage.data is of <type 'string'> when a small image is passed, which is good. When a large image is used, the type of oriImage.data changes to <extension class Acquisition.ImplicitAcquirerWrapper>...

Is this a memoryproblem? Or even a memorybug? What is this Acquisition.ImplicitAcquirerWrapper class? 

I use Zope 2.3.3 on Redhat 7.1.

Appreciate any advice...

TIA, Antwan.

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