[Zope] Why not Zope's XML-RPC instead of .Net?

vsbabu@vsbabu.org vsbabu@vsbabu.org
Thu, 6 Jun 2002 08:01:48 -0500


  I need some marketing advice - pointers to articles, articulations, random thoughts, web log entries etc...

  We would like to use Zope a lot (and we use it quite a lot too). Now, there has been so much marketing fury to turn everything into .Net based services (blah blah, you get IDE, you get "standard" way to make web services - yeah, in tons of languages you want, interoperable etc...).

  Personally, I think developing in Python and making web applications in Zope with its inherent XML-RPC interface is a big win. ie, Developers think ahead, make a web site (like logic in Py scripts and display using ZPT) and then document the logic scripts which can be used by other applications over XML-RPC. No need to write anything else to make it "web service enabled".

  It is also my belief that light weight desktop applications that store data locally and then sync it to a central web server (like Radio UL) will be the future, especially for intranets with employees travelling half the time.

  Does any one know of any existing document out there that can support my claim to higher-ups?

  Like XML-RPC, is there any plan to provide SOAP interface easily?

Any hints are welcome...


- vsb