[Zope] Help with DCOracle2.1 build on AIX

Matthew T. Kromer matt@zope.com
Thu, 06 Jun 2002 11:48:48 -0400

Chris Matthews wrote:


> So I changed src/testora to assume Oracle 8i. Again the compile fell 
> over with the same error.
> Note that $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/demo/*.h does exist. Also we build 
> (compile and link) C/C++ programs on this Unix box (using the OCI 
> libraries).
> Could you please advise me what to do? The target environment will be 
> AIX with Oracle 8.1.7. I am also trying to build the Python 2.2.1 
> release (I used to work with 1.5.2).
> Yours sincerely
> Chris Matthews
> South Africa.

Hopefully I un-HTMLized the mail :)

OK, because you want to build with AIX and Python 2.2.1, I'd suggest 
tinkering with the setup.py file.  I get terribly confused by distutils, 
but I have had people report success with it :)

Anyway, what you want is

      python setup.py build


      python setup.py install

and you should be in good shape!  I *think* its architecture agnostic 
enough such that you can build it on AIX without having to do much more 
than change the linker flags to be non-gcc versions (the current linker 
flags just try to embed the path to the Oracle libraries in the 
executable so you don't have to export LD_LIBRARY_PATH).

Matt Kromer
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