[Zope] permission

Arenz, Ralph Ralph.Arenz@friatec.de
Thu, 6 Jun 2002 18:49:11 +0200


my intention was to control some programs which exists on the
filesystem (Linux6.4) within Zope 
The programs exists in a directory (Rights --> u-g-o 7-7-0) which is owned
by the
user "user1" in the group "group1". The Zope process runs
under the user "user2"
To allow the Zope-process accessing the filesystem-directory
i have included the user "user2" into the group "group1".
So far so good :-)

If i log into the system via a shell - with "user2" - i have
full access on the directory --as expected -- 

Now, if i try do access these directory from zope,
doesn't matter which way i chosse (LocalFS,ExternalMethod)
i get a Error-Message like "Sorry, you are not allowed to access..."

Why doesn' t zope recognize that the user "user2" is also a 
"group1" -member ? 

Any ideas ???