[Zope] exuserfolder and permissions.

Jan Johansson jan.johansson@viking-telecom.com
Fri, 7 Jun 2002 02:47:49 +0200

(Yes, i have read 5.1 in The UnenlightnedZopiestas Guide to =

i have=20

Root Folder / j2 / acl_users (an exuser folder)
Root Folder / j2 / docLogin
Root Folder / j2 / docLogout
Root Folder / j2 / site (all permission are set to acquire)
Root Folder / j2 / site / protect (permissions set so that only the role =
permtest has view access)

I add users to my acl_users, and set permtest on one user.

Now, loging on to /j2/site/protect with a user that DOESNT have =
permtest, i just get the "logon" again. Thats fair enogh. BUT if i do it =
with a user that HAS permission, Zope pops up a login pop box, and i =
cant get on, since it seems to point to an upstream user folder.

What am i missing? I have placed the folder to protect a level under the =
acl_user folder. So, now what?