[Zope] How does dtml-sqlgroup really work?

Oliver Bleutgen myzope@gmx.net
Fri, 07 Jun 2002 19:48:34 +0200

Jorge O. Martinez wrote:
> Hi all:
> Thanks for your help. In the end I had to use this ugly thing, but it 
> works, slightly dissapointed I could not get sqltest & sqlgroup to 
> work....maybe I'll have to time to dig deeper later, and understand it 
> better when I increase my Zope Zen ;-). Thanks!


IIRC it's right that sqltest needs the existence of the variable you 
test for (it's not like <dtml-if variable_name>).
But you can set (create) the variables you test for easily at the 
arguments field of the ZSQL method (don't remember it's exact name 
although I stared at one for some time today). Anyway, there's a text 
field at the edit-tab of a ZSQL-method where you can define the 
variables it expects - look at the relevant docs.
So, there you can write something like (again IIRC)
which sets my_variable to '' if it isn't in the namespace and didn't get 
If you use that for all you variables, <dtml-sqltest bla> will work as 
expected (since '' == false).