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Lucas Di Pentima lucas@lunix.com.ar
09 Jun 2002 01:27:43 -0300

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Hi people,

I'm experimenting with ZPT and I need to ask you about the rendering in ZPT=

Let me explain my problem with an example: I have a folder with some
DTML Documents in it (I'm putting DTML Docs as an example object that
renders itself to show some content, ok?), and I have a ZPT template
that iterates through the DTMLs list in that folder and call its
rendering method one by one this way:

<li tal:repeat=3D"child container/folder/objectValues"> <span

Every DTML Doc outputs HTML code (obviously), and let suppose that they
do not output an entire HTML page, but some HTML formatted text between
<h3> and </h3>.

My problem is that when I ask the ZPT to render itself, it doesn't take
the DTML Doc's output _literally_, but what it does is convert all HTML
Tags to &lt;b&gt; and so on...

How can I make ZPT _not_ to convert all HTML tags to &blabla;?

What I'm doing is developing a Zope Product that will permit the web=20
developer to treat every graphical entity as a widget, as in GNOME
programming for example. So that every widget will be an object that
passes itself to a SkinManager to be rendered, and well, I'm having this
problem, what can I do?

Thanks for your help!

Lucas Di Pentima - Santa Fe, Argentina
   [LUNIX: Soluciones en GNU/Linux]
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