[Zope] importing/exporting

John P. Looney john@antefacto.com
Mon, 10 Jun 2002 11:20:14 +0100

 I'm new to Zope, and decided to play around with it at home for a few
hours. I built up a small site, and decided to export it out, and mail it
to myself in work, where I uploaded it to a Zope server there.

 When exporting, I clicked on 'import/export' in the root folder, I didn't
give an export object id (assuming it would just choose /) and clicked

 I got a 2MB file (big, considering I'd typed in maybe 5k of HTML and 100k
of images). I imported that into the Zope server in work. It seemed to be
OK, only that it created a folder called 'Zope' and stuck it in there. I
decided to try move the folders & DTML documents from /Zope to /, with cut
& paste, but I kept getting errors like:

 " One or more items referred to in the clipboard data was not found. The
item may have been moved or deleted after you copied it. "

 Also, I noticed that I had been using a gadfly database - the import did
not create a /var/zope/var/gadfly directory at all, so any time I tryed to
access those methods, it was throwing me errors !

 Have I done something incorrectly ? Or does the import/export
functionality not work in 2.5.x ?


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