[Zope] RV: what's the best way to do this?

Casey Duncan casey@zope.com
10 Jun 2002 11:07:36 -0400

On Mon, 2002-06-10 at 10:46, Jaroslav Lukesh wrote:
> | Odes=EDlatel: Casey Duncan <casey@zope.com>
> | Anyone serious about developing in Zope should also learn Python, which=
> | if you've programmed in any other language before can be done quite
> | quickly. Its also a great language for beginner programmers. Knowing
> | Python gives you a tremendous advantage in understanding Zope and the
> | CMF (because you can read tracebacks and the source code and write
> | Python scripts, external methods and products).
> Hmm... I was programmed before 13 years ago in native code (no assembler,
> raw hexa code). Today I was able to make little modifications to source
> code (asm, c, some little dtml-ext), or make small "programs" in JavaScri=
> only. DTML external methods are "spanish village" for me :(  I need to
> develop corporate intranet, so I decide for Zope instead VisualInterdev.
> So if in todays view I have no programming skills, should I begin to lear=
> Python? It is good starting point? I have no accessibility to the
> university and students community (too long distance), so I need to be
> self-teached.

Learning Python will help you tremendously in understanding Zope. There
are many great online sources for python (python.org, Dive into Python,
to name a couple). There are also many excellent books.

I'd say definitely go for it.=20