[Zope] Stupid newbie question

Jorge O. Martinez jmartinez@emediamillworks.com
Mon, 10 Jun 2002 13:02:54 -0400

 From the XUF FAQ:

11. HELP!!!! I tried to install XUF as my root folder, without reading the FAQ,
or really knowing what I'm doing, and now I'm hosed!!!
That's a shame.

You may be out of luck,

Jorge M.

David Archer wrote:
> Hello everyone. I have a small problem.
> I was trying to install the etcUserFolder object on my Zope server so I
> downloaded the tarball and it extracted into the correct directory
> (lib/python/Products/etcUserFolder). I had to muck about with some sym-links
> to libcrypt on my box (It's running FreeBSD 4.4) and after a few restarts,
> it saw it as a successfully installed product. I then proceeded to delete my
> root acl_users folder (it only had one entry in it anyway) and add a new
> etcUserFolder object. Now I can't login at all to any of the manage screens
> to fix it.
> I tried the zpasswd.py script to generate an access (and an inituser) file
> to see if either of these would get picked up but it still won't let me log
> in. I tried using my UNIX system username and password and that didn't work
> either. I know that FreeBSD actually uses a /etc/master.passwd file to hold
> the encrypted passwords, not /etc/passwd so I don't even know if the
> etcUserFolder is looking at the right file. The documentation on this
> product is limited (from what I can find) to the two-paragraph README file
> that it comes distributed with. I've tried looking through the source code
> to see if I could get more information about the product but the comments
> aren't very helpful.
> I'm at the end of my ideas and short of scrapping the whole installation,
> can anyone suggest a way for me to fix this problem? If it's simply not
> possible (which I doubt), is there a way for me to retrieve the objects
> (DTML documents and such) that I've created and just re-install Zope
> completely? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Regards,
> David Archer
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