[Zope] Double precondition with PDF files

H.de.Wit@SFK.NL H.de.Wit@SFK.NL
Tue, 11 Jun 2002 10:16:37 +0200

>i'm experiencing a problem with preconditions=2E =ED use the precondit=
ion of
files to track the downloading of these=2E if >i upload ppt's or doc's =
aren't any problems=2E when i download i get one line in my logfile=2E =
if i
download a pdf >then the log shows 2 entries=2E to judge from the time =
first is when the download starts an the secon when it >ends=2E

>anybod got an idea on why this is happening?

Just for what it's worth: you can have even more than 2 lines in your l=
when someone is downloading a pdf file=2E
If the document is not 'saved as', but viewed per page you can have eve=
n 7
or 10 lines in your log, one line for every page the user views=2E
It is nog Zope specific=2E

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