[Zope] Redirection with mod_ssl

Dean Grubb dean@atrium-online.com.au
Tue, 11 Jun 2002 18:24:54 +1000 (Tasmania Standard Time)

Hi can somebody point me to a good resource or give me some examples of how
I do redirection with zope and mod_ssl.

I have currently got apache in front of zope with redirection, but now I
have built apache+mod_ssl as another install (port 81 and 443) for testing

I have virtual named servers, which I've found out you can't use with https.

What I need to do is if a user request the file http://host.somewhere
com/payments/index_html then apache redirects them to https://securehost
somewhereelse.com/payments/index_html but still remain in zope.