[Zope] render dtml from within return value

Brecht Samyn Brecht.Samyn@kulak.ac.be
Tue, 11 Jun 2002 14:03:44 +0200


I'm a DTML-newbie and have the following problem:

I have a DTML-method where I insert a call to a Python script which 
returns a string that contains DTML code. How can I make Zope render the 
DTML instead of just "inserting" it in the page when viewing it?

the DTML-method:
<dtml-var "get_body(fileid='file_htm')">

get_body is a Python scripts that takes the document_src from file_htm, 
cleans it up and returns the string (which contains some dtml codes).

Or is this the wrong way to do a text-manipulation on a dtml-document 
before inserting it in another dtml-document/method?


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