[Zope] Clueless About <dtml-in> and Sequencing.

Douglas Perry doug@safety.com
Tue, 11 Jun 2002 12:25:46 -0400

I'm struggling with trying to display 25 records out of a MySQL table at a
time. I know what <dtml-in> does but not how to control how many results per
page I get and how to create links that navigate between batches.

How it works is that when the user arrives at the homepage, they see the
first set of 25 records. By clicking on "Next", they get the next set of
records. Can this be done with index_html or do I need a seperate page to
display the next sets of batches and to navigate those sets of records?

This is the code I'm working on:

<dtml-in listEntryID>
          <td height="22" class="categories" width="80">
            <font size="1" class="categories">
            <dtml-var firstname missing="N/A">
            </font> </td>
          <td height="22" class="categories" width="148">
            <dtml-var lastname missing="N/A">
          <td width="51" height="22"><a href="editContact?entry_ID=<dtml-var
entry_ID missing="">" target="_top"><img src="edit.png" width="50"
height="20" border="0"></a></td>
          <td width="92" height="22"><a href="del_form?entry_ID=<dtml-var
entry_ID missing="">"><img src="delete.png" width="50" height="20"

listEntryID is my Z SQL Method that pulls all records from a table, BTW.