[Zope] Using Java objects with the JPE

Riggs, David driggs@asset.com
Tue, 11 Jun 2002 15:31:27 -0400

I'm trying to access some existing java objects through python with the
python JPE library. I'm able to use these objects fine from the python
command line, but I've spent hours trying to set things up with zope and
have had no luck.

Where do I put the JPE libraries for Zope to find them? I've got them
under lib/Python/java right now. Do I need to add them as a Product?

Where do I put my java classes for the JPE to find them? I'm assuming
that they just need to be relative to my system CLASSPATH.

Like I said, I've got everything working from the command line, getting
it to work from Zope is what's baffling me. If anyone could point me to
some documentation on adding python libraries to be accesable in zope,
I'd appreciate it. Examples would be even better  :)


David A. Riggs
Science Applications International Corporation - SAIC
 (304)284-9000x201                  driggs@asset.com