[Zope] problem with Zope ODBC Database Adapter

Chris Beaumont cbeaumon@msri.org
Wed, 12 Jun 2002 07:57:32 -0800

Hi Kevin,

I had a similar problem with ZODBCA and Access some time back. It 
turned out to be because another user was connected to the Access MDB 
file via another instance of Access and the supplied GUI and ZODBCA 
wanted an exclusive lock on it. Not good. We needed for both to be 
able to occur at the same time.. (multiple GUI users and the 
write-capable ODBC access..)

This locking might not be a problem if the DB was accessed via ODBC 
read-only. (just guessing here) but it was a show-stopper for us. I'd 
love to know of any workarounds if anyone knows any..

I'm also curious if this is a 'feature' of simply the ODBC adaptor or 
Access itself.. or both..  It appears that what Access lacks is even 
a rudimentary transaction feature..


>I'm not able to connect to a certain database with the
>Zope ODBC database adapter. I can connect to other
>servers with no problems but when I try to connect to
>this other server I get the error "Invalid connection
>string". I'm using a connection string like:
>"DSN username password". I know the name and password
>are correct because I can connect to it with other
>client utilities.
>Has anyone had a problem like this? or see any obvious
>mistakes I'm making?