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Derrick 'dman' Hudson dman@dman.ddts.net
Wed, 12 Jun 2002 12:24:02 -0500

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On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 04:30:12PM +0200, Simon Brun wrote:
| hi all
| For our intranet I'm going to improve the file upload. In the past, the
| workers had to upload their files via the ZMI. They had to add some prope=
| (like author, keyword, etc.). Afterwards some dtml-methods listed the con=
tent of
| the directories by mapping the properties of the documents.=20
| I now want to create a html-form which help the people to upload their fi=
les. In
| this form they have to insert the properties and after pressing the submit
| button, the file should be uploaded into Zope.
| I'm sure this was done by other users before, but I didn't find something=
. Any
| good ideas or code out there?

I have a page that allows a file upload which is passed to a script.

The page is ZPT and looks like :

<!-- Zope Page Template -->

        <title tal:content=3D"template/title">The title</title>


           <span tal:condition=3D"template/title"
               tal:replace=3D"template/title">optional template title</span>

        <form action=3D"htpasswd_change.py"

            <input type=3D"file" size=3D"40" name=3D"FileData">
            <input type=3D"submit" size=3D"40" name=3D"Submit">



The action is a Python Script that looks like this :

## Script (Python) "htpasswd_change.py"
##bind container=3Dcontainer
##bind context=3Dcontext
##bind namespace=3D
##bind script=3Dscript
##bind subpath=3Dtraverse_subpath

Description   :
     Receive an uploaded 'htpasswd' file to be considered the authoritative
     authentication contents for the acl_users folder.

request =3D container.REQUEST

try :
    the_file =3D request["FileData"]
    the_file.readlines  # just verify that the object is file-like
except KeyError :
    print "Error: a file must be specified"
    return printed

# Followed by the rest of the logic to parse the file and manipulate
# the acl_users folder.  The "success" output is also simply printed
# and the end is a 'return printed' line.



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