[Zope] slightly OT - Apache configs

Graham King Graham.King@team.ozemail.com.au
Thu, 13 Jun 2002 10:13:26 +1000

Hi all,

Just a note of warning...

We had switched a particular Zope application from using PCGI to
ProxyPass/VirtualHost yesterday. Prior to switching on the ProxyPass, it was
normal Apache stuff pointing to the cgi-bin, and so on. We had also used
ReWrite to redirect customer webpages with tilda (~) to another server, eg:

RewriteRule  	/~(.+) 	http://otherserver/~$1	to user's private webpage
ProxyPass	/	http://localhost...../VHM   etc

**This no longer works for the RewriteRule.** 
The Rewrite Rule was overridden by the ProxyPass, and we were getting Zope
errors for ../~abc not found (of course).

So I used a 2nd RewriteRule instead of ProxyPass and, Lo! all is well.

RewriteRule 	/(.*)	http://localhost..../VHM