[Zope] Mystery error: "The resource you requested is temporarily unavailable"

Chris McDonough chrism@zope.com
Thu, 13 Jun 2002 07:36:35 -0400

One way to find out whether Zope is restarting is to start Zope with the 
event log enabled, e.g.:

./start STUPID_LOG_FILE=/some/log/file/name

You will see startup messages in the log.

I dont know whether your external method could cause it or not...

Milos Prudek wrote:
> Chris McDonough wrote:
>> Are you sure Zope isn't dying on that particular request and
>> restarting itself?
> No, I'm not sure.
> Is there a way to find out more precisely the error cause, other than 
> selectively commenting out parts of my source code?
> Could it be caused by an External method quoted below?
> ***
> def filetype(File=''):
>    import os
>    cmd='file -b -'
>    w,r=os.popen2(cmd)
>    w.write(File)
>    w.close()
>    return r.read().strip()
> ***
> Thanks for any hints.

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