[Zope] Parsed XML

Dennis Allison allison@sumeru.stanford.EDU
Thu, 13 Jun 2002 09:56:55 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 13 Jun 2002, Phil Harris wrote:

> Dennis Allison wrote:
> > The minidom won't quite do what I need.   This particular project is a web-hosted
> > XML editor, really a development front-end for another system.  The ParsedXML product
> > holds and manages the corpus of the material being edited...
> >
> > Now that I have a semi-working alpha-release it may be time to rethink the system and
> > redesign for performance and simplicity.  ParsedXM drags along a lot of mechanism that
> > I do not need.  In fact, my experience as been that XML and the DOM is not a great
> > internal representation--better to parse the XML into a more maleable data structure,
> > do what needs to be done, and reconstruct.
> >
> Reading this mail I just thought of this:
> http://www.reportlab.com/xml/pyrxp.html
> It's advertised as "pyRXP - the fastest XML parser?".

Thanks for the pointer.  I'll take a look at it -- I use the PyXML minidom
for much of my non-Zope processing.  I do not know whether the performance 
problem I am having is parsing related or associated with all the cruft
that comes with the ParsedXML implementation.  When I get a moment to
breath I'll instrument and see...   My guess is that it's not the parser, 
but guesses about performance problems are notoriously flakey.