[Zope] access document contents in DTML

Aseem Mohanty aseem@neurobehavioralsystems.com
Wed, 12 Jun 2002 23:24:02 -0700

Hi all,

If I have a DTML document that contains three other DTML documents 
(which basically contain some forms), in the following manner:

  doc a
  doc b
  doc c

 the component docs are

doca  forma /doca        docb formb /docb        docc formc /docc

is there any way that I can find out in doc c whther or not there are 
any form elements of the same name if and when doc c is embedded in 
another doc.

ie in doc c I would have a condition :

<dtml-if  "not form-el-name anywhere in container">
  do blah
  do booh

so that in doc 1 if any other sub-docs contain the same form-el name doc 
c publishes blah else it publishes booh.
(I beleive it can be done via PyScript but each form has lots of HTML 
and I dont want to print all over the place and return printed)


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