[Zope] worldpilot

Alastair Burt burt@dfki.de
14 Jun 2002 14:47:44 +0200

Adam Manock <abmanock@earthlink.net> writes:

> At 07:31 PM 6/13/2002 +0200, Roger Oberholtzer wrote:
> >I have installed Worldpilot on Zope 2.5.0 on Linux. Overall, it
> >is pretty much working.
> It was designed for Zope 2.1.x, and is supposed to work with 2.2.x
> You say it pretty much works with 2.5.0???  ..  (oops I fell off my chair)
> >My question is: does anyone know if it will continue to be maintained?
> >If not, is there another product that matches worldpilot's features
> >and nice interface?
> I doubt it, unless you want to start a new project picking up where they
> left off over a year ago. There still seems to be a lot of interest,  150+
> downloads a month more than a year after the last release!!  :-)

I think the license might be a bit of hindrance. It includes a request for
attribution and a stipulation that all modifications be distributed as
patches. But as Neuberger & Hughes are no longer developing the program,
perhaps they might consider another license.

--- Alastair