[Zope] Parsed XML

Elena Schulz elena.schulz@gmx.net
Fri, 14 Jun 2002 15:29:47 +0200


I found SLiP some days ago. It is a shorthand syntax/editor for XML or =
XML-like data and the translator is written in python. Just search for =
it in the web.=20

Hope it helps?


You wrote:

The minidom won't quite do what I need.   This particular project is a =
XML editor, really a development front-end for another system.  The =
ParsedXML product
holds and manages the corpus of the material being edited...  =20

Now that I have a semi-working alpha-release it may be time to rethink =
the system and=20
redesign for performance and simplicity.  ParsedXM drags along a lot of =
mechanism that=20
I do not need.  In fact, my experience as been that XML and the DOM is =
not a great=20
internal representation--better to parse the XML into a more maleable =
data structure,
do what needs to be done, and reconstruct.

Comments & suggestions most welcome.