[Zope] Document Library & TextIndexNG... general search headaches.

Matt Gregory matthew.gregory@skyleach.com
Fri, 14 Jun 2002 15:14:53 -0400

I'm having trouble with Searches.

1.) Will TextIndexNG work with DocumentLibrary?
2.) Why does DocumentLibrary always return results for searches in the
genral search and the advanced search always returns nothing.
3.) Why are the same results always returned, reguardless of what I search
4.) How can I reindex the indexes?
5.) Why can't I add TextIndexNG indexes to ZCataloges since upgrading to
TextIndexNG 1.0x (all the RCs and 1.1 are still broken).  There is no errors
in the logs and the product shows up in the product list, but I can't find
the index type in catalogs...)