[Zope] External Editor on Win32 -- downloading files with .html extension

Grégoire Weber gregoire.weber@switzerland.org
Mon, 17 Jun 2002 14:03:20 +0200

Hi Casey,
cc: hi All (on the list),

I like your ExternalEditor product! It's really cool!

I'am working under Win2k with Zope 2.5.1 and ExternalEditor 0.3.

I have some problems editing object externaly. I could not solve them
by reading the documenttaion or the mailing list.

Netscape 4.79

With NS 4.79 it works as expected as long as zope objects do not 
have well known extensions like 'html'.

I have to set the 'html' extension on objects because I'm 
working also with dreamweaver (via ftp/WebDAV).

What happens if I click on the pencil icon of an object
**with** .html as extension:

  NS 4.79 opens a alert box asking if the file
  has to be opened with mozilla.exe or saved to disk.
  (mozilla is my default browser for html-files)

Seems to be a browser problem. The http headers of a 
file with or without a html extension are the same
(I looked at them with tcpwatch).

NS 4.79 Config: Application (correct IMO)

  Extension: ZOPE
  MIME type: application/x-zope-edit
  Handled by Application: d:\prog\Python22x\pythonw.exe D:\prog\ZopeEdit\zopeedit.py "%1" "%s"


With Mozilla (1.0rc1) It doesn't even work to edit files
without extensions. Instead I get the follwoing message 
box (it seems to be a mozilla box):

  Opening login_form.html

  <temp path>/login_form.html could not be opened, because an 
  unknown error occured. Sorry about that. Try saving to disk 
  first and then opening the file.

The file containing the authentification information can be
found in the temp directory (wasn't cleared).

Mozille 1.0rc1 Config: Helper Applications (correct IMO)

  Extension: zope
  MIME type: application/x-zope-edit
  Handled by Application: d:\prog\Python22x\pythonw.exe D:\prog\ZopeEdit\zopeedit.py "%1"

If you send me some instructions I woudl assist in finding the 

Greetings, Greg

ExternalEditor ini file:

# Zope External Editor helper application configuration

# General configuration options

# Uncomment and specify an editor value to override the editor
# specified in the environment
editor = d:\prog\pfe32\pfe32.exe /m
# editor = d:\winnt\system32\notepad.exe # works!

# Automatic save interval, in seconds. Set to zero for
# no auto save (save to Zope only on exit).
save_interval = 1

# Temporary file cleanup. Set to false for debugging or
# to waste disk space. Note: setting this to false is a
# security risk to the zope server
cleanup_files = 1

# Use WebDAV locking to prevent concurrent editing by
# different users. Disable for single user use or for
# better performance
use_locks = 1

# Specific settings by content-type or meta-type. Specific
# settings override general options above. Content-type settings
# override meta-type settings for the same option.

[meta-type:DTML Document]

[meta-type:DTML Method]

[meta-type:Script (Python)]

[meta-type:Page Template]

[meta-type:Z SQL Method]


editor = d:\prog\pfe32\pfe32.exe /m # this was only a try - didn't help



editor = D:\prog\PaintShopPro6\Psp.exe



Grégoire Weber