FW: [Zope] another DTML ques

Chris Beaven Chris@d-designz.co.nz
Tue, 18 Jun 2002 17:50:02 +1200

Here's his code

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I return the list via a python function:

import string
s = str(s_arg)

s = s.replace('[','')
s = s.replace(']','')
s = s.replace('\'','')
s = s.replace('"','')
ret = s.split(',')
return ret

s_arg needs to look like "['test','test_str','yes']"

the str() is primarily to get around an attribute error

any leads as to why it might be failing...
I did check it out on the interpreter and it returns a list.


Chris Beaven wrote:

>I just set up the same situation and it worked for me... (ie I get YES
>My guess is that you aren't returning a list.
>My get_list() looked like:
>return ['test','test_str','yes']
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>Subject: [Zope] another DTML ques
>  I have a PyScript that returns a list of strings
>Somehow I am unable to do the following:
><dtml-let ll="get_list()">
>  <dtml-if "'test_str' in ll">
>    YES
>  <dtml-else>
>    NO
>  </dtml-if>
>I know that 'test_str' is in the list. The if test fails always.
>What am I doing wrong??

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