[Zope] External Editor on WinXP/Zope 2.5.1b1

Juergen R. Plasser / Hexagon plasser@hexagon.at
Tue, 18 Jun 2002 11:29:35 +0200

Hi Casey,

I have finally managed to add the x-zope-edit mime type to my WinXP/IE6 
system (I have done it manually by editing the registry and I don't know if 
there is a more simple way to do that in WinXP), but I get the following 
error when I download the document test.txt by clicking the pencil icon:

C:\ExternalEditor>c:\Python22\python zopeedit.py c:\ExternalEditor\test.txt
FATAL ERROR: unsupported operand types for +: 'NoneType' and 'str'
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "zopeedit.py", line 685, in ?
  File "zopeedit.py", line 286, in launch
    command = self.getEditorCommand()
  File "zopeedit.py", line 250, in getEditorCommand
TypeError: unsupported operand types for +: 'NoneType' and 'str'

What is wrong? Should I upgrade to Zope 2.5.1 [I don't think so]? The beta 
was here and I thought it would do the job for testing your External Editor