[Zope] Dreamweaver MX rewrites ZPT XML?

hpinson@indepthl.com hpinson@indepthl.com
Tue, 18 Jun 2002 08:54:43 -0600

Hmm.  Yes, I'm pretty sure I have that setup.  I looked at my 
start.bat and the port is set to -W 16xxx.  

However, I think my start.bat is not being used.  I am on a Windows 
2K platform, and am using the Windows Controller application.  
That seems to be bypassing the start.bat file in favor of something 
else (I don't know what).  I looked in the Windows regestry, and 
WebDAV is set to port 16xxx.  The Z2.py is also set to: 

In Dreamweaver MX, I also checked my WebDAV connection 
setup: hostname:16xxx

What else could it be?

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