Re[2]: [Zope] 2 zope faster 1 zope running

Dieter Maurer
Tue, 18 Jun 2002 20:55:49 +0200

Can you stay on the list please.

=?Windows-1251?B?wO3k8OXpIM/z9+jt?= writes:
 > is it possible to increase performance at the next situation?:
 > Clients are requesting DTML pages that uses ZopeProduct (Client with omniORB -> Server), at the
 > 1 client request processing time is 2 sec
 > at 30 clients this time increases to 10 sec
 > and at 60 clients time is 40 - 60 sec
Scaling is not bad. Thus, your problem is the time used already for
a single request.

Activate Zope's profiling (Control_Panel -> Debug information -> Profiling)
and analyse what operations consume the time.

Optimize the hotspots...