[Zope] Win IE to access zope

John Schinnerer johnschinnerer@yahoo.com
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 00:03:02 -0700 (PDT)


>  start.bat can start up the zope.
>  The message shows: ZServer HTTP, FTP, PCGI are running.
>  However, in IE5.0, the URL http://localhost:8080
>  results in
>  "the web page you requested is not available offline".

If it's not some bloody annoying 'offline' option in IE, as someone
suggested (try another browser, like Mozilla or Opera)...

What type of internet connection(s) do you have configured?

If you are using a dialup connection (and haven't done anything else to
tweak your net config), localhost will *not* be available unless you
are actually dialed up (true for Win 9x, anyhow - in NT, ymmv but NT
usually needs *more* manual config tweaking than 9x).

I configured a (non-existent) NIC in the network control panel (bound
to TCP/IP) so I could get to localhost without having to be dialed up.

If you were dialed up when you tried it, or you have an ethernet card
or cable or DSL modem, I dunno...but it's some kind of Win network
config issue you'll have to tweak to get to localhost.

John S.

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