[Zope] recompile python?

Greg Conway greg@gmlnt.com
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 13:39:46 +0100

Hi all,

I've started getting these error messages appear on a Zope site I've

2002-06-19T12:26:03 PROBLEM(100) Script (Python) Object "CountNoCats" needs
to be recompiled.

I had a Zope 2.4.3 Server running with files I had created on a Zope 2.5.0
Server - was working fine for a while! but then this started happening, and
Zope started crashing all the time. So I've built a new Zope 2.5.0 (running
on a RaQ4), copied all the files over, and whilst the whole things seems a
lot more stable (one only crash so far in 24 hours!!) these errors are still

Does anybody know how I can recompile my Python scripts?

Is this a multi-user thing? It seems to happen when lots of people are
simaltaneously accessing the site...

Many thanks for any help received!


Greg Conway.