[Zope] WARNING: ExternalEditor !!!

Casey Duncan casey@zope.com
19 Jun 2002 09:40:02 -0400

On Tue, 2002-06-18 at 12:49, eric.n.dunn@bankofamerica.com wrote:
> Using Zope 2.5/Debian
> Placed uncompressed ExternalEditor (ExternalEditor-0.3.tgz) in Products dir.
> Restarted the ZServer and lost the presentation layer in ZMI of my root
> site.
> Removed ExternalEditor and could not start ZServer.

What happened when you restarted? This is quite strange since the
product makes no changes to the ZODB or your Zope install.
> Had to bring back my entire ZOPE_HOME dir from tape.

I'm sorry to hear you had this problem. Any chance you could make a copy
of your Zope install and try it again? I'm curious to see if this is
reproducable and if so where the cause lies.

I'm relatively sure that there is no way this could happen in a stock
Zope install. Perhaps there is some bizaar incompatibility between
ExternalEditor and some other product you have installed?
> Be warned to try on test site before Production implementation.
> Can't give specifics since I had not time to disect issue.

Given how young this software is, that is good advice 8^)